Management of construction projects for pig production facilities

PRODES is a company specialising in the management of pig farm construction projects.  

Using the most advanced tools, our expertise and knowledge of the sector, we manage each project with efficiency, quality, and professionalism.


We are management specialists


Within the international standards on Project Management, our management strategy is included in the method known as Construction Management or EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management).

Project Management Gestión Obra Gestión EPCM

The recognised advantages of this method are:


Lower total costs and no profit margin for intermediaries. The competitive price edge remains with the project developer.


The developer has direct control over the quality of the construction process.


The developer and his representatives are more closely involved with the project.


The developer can rely on professional support throughout the process.

We work internationally for customers in any part of the world and we have successfully carried out projects in a number of countries. Customers who have already trusted in our service know that we strive to satisfy the specific requirements of each case.


How we work?


Our goal is to offer the project developer greater value by accompanying him from the initial stages right through to commissioning. Our customer seeks:

Gestión e ingeniería

To be sure about how much funding is required to develop a winning project.


To know the state of the art in order to configure an infrastructure that returns maximum productivity.


To have strict control over matters of quality, cost, and schedule during execution of the work.


To be continuously informed of how work is progressing.

The traditional linear project management process is ineffective in achieving all that. We have adapted Scrum methodology to manage the project developer’s specifications and changes or adaptation of the work required. 

The main project management activities we perform are as follows:

Key management tools

Detailed work construction budget and comprehensive execution schedule. The promoter is thus assured of control over investment costs and the completion date.


Procurement of the items, equipment and materials needed for the project by means of the selection of international suppliers, with priority always given to quality and supplier performance. We have keen knowledge of the current international market situation and prices.

Contracting and invoice monitoring

At the implementation stage, we use RPA (Robot Process Automation) technologies and artificial intelligence systems to improve efficiency and reliability in the management of contracts and invoicing.

Reporting and management reports

Reports are issued throughout the entire process, maximum on a monthly basis.

We are consultant engineers specialising in farm construction project management 

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